Ashok Kumar Gupta 
(P.G.T Chemistry)
Sarvoday Bal Vidyalay
Laxmi Nagar, Delhi

Humans were born on this planet like all other species. They evolved here like all other species. Some species became extinct due to natural causes, evolution and luck (I consider dinosaur’s extinction as bad luck for them, though good luck for humans). Humans will eventually end up on the same path like them but unlike any other specie in the history of Earth, they are going to be (potentially) the cause of their extinction. Every specie live in harmony with their surroundings. They live in peace with the fellas of their kind. They consider(at least treat) nature bigger than them. They  try to consume whatever they are provided with and hardly invade other’s habitation. But humans, they consider themselves the sole owner of this planet. They invade the habitation of other species. They consider themselves greater than the nature. Don’t let me even start on harmony with surrounding topic. They maybe the most intelligent breed out there but they are definitely the most retarded one as well.  
In the name of industrialization they started polluting the environment in all the ways possible. Greenhouse gas levels started increasing in air. The water bodies became sink of industrial wastes. The forests were destroyed to create space for habitations. And like it was not enough they started multiplicating at a rate which was directly proportional with their advancement. Even if this industrialization and modernization did not happen the sheer load of population was enough for this planet to cripple. And here they are in the 21st century,  after exhausting the natural resource, on the brink of collapsing. 
The world is getting warmer. The average temperature of the planet’s surface has been increased by around 0.85 degrees. 13 of the 14 hottest years have been recorded in this millennium. All these burning of fossil fuels and deforestation has caused carbon dioxide levels to be at the highest today in last 800,000 years. The effect of above being melting of polar ice glaciers. This is causing a chain effect in world climate. The sea water levels are increased. It now rains in winter and snows in spring. There is shortage of fresh water. Increased number of weather anomalies. More frequent floods, storms, heat waves and droughts.  
Along with these global changes their actions have caused local natural disasters as well. The recent Chennai floods are example of that where in the name of development and urbanization the terrain of the city was so abused that it surrendered on receiving such amount of rain. As newton’s third law states “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”,  the nature’s reaction is far bigger than our actions. 
Apart from making enemies with nature, the humans also have made enemies among themselves. They have created segments in name of country, race, religion, skin-tone and a gazillion other things. Then they kill humans based on segments claiming their segment to be superior. It is like with all their intelligence and awareness, they are unable to grasp that, they all are same. It is ironical, with all the understanding of the universe they have, they don’t understand each other.  
The pit is being dig for them. For some, nature is doing the job and for some, they are doing themselves.